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The Pagan & Druid is a web site for all things related to Druids, Druidism, Pagans and Paganism. This site will look at, discuss and review the latest news, music, film and festivals along with the history and general background of the beliefs, meanings, activities and more within these communities.

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Stonehenge; the ultimate Druid & Pagan symbol

Well we may as well begin with a big one. The ultimate symbol and landmark that comes to just about everybody’s mind when they think of Druids, or Pagans; Stonehenge! In case you didn’t know already, Stonehenge is a genuine, world famous, prehistoric... read more

The Pagan & Druid Blog

Hello and Welcome to the Pagan & Druid Blog, here you’ll see new articles and stories as they’re posted, so keep your eyes pealed for updates. This Blog section will remain located here on the Home page. read more